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I am Penningmeester of Netzo.

I have recently added some 'leftijdsgebonden' products to some members and now want to send invoices. However, when I want to make new run for facturering, then these new products are not included and invoices do not get created (as I get the message that there are no lines to be included in the new invoice run).


- member: Marco Ferro

- products added for 2019-2020: Verenigingscontributie Senioren 152,50 eur (added before) and Volleybal Zall: Competitie Week Senioren 40 eur (added recently). Both with Periode Jaar

-  in Facturen, there is only one invoice for theis person this year, from November, for erenigingscontributie Senioren 152,50 

- now, I want to send other invoice, for Volleybal Zall: Competitie Week Senioren 40 eur

- I go to Contributie / Contirbutie-facturering, and try to make the invoices, but I get error that there is no run created as there are no invoice lines found.. That happens with every selection: for periode Jaar or Eenmalig etc.


Could you please advise how can I send invoices to these members? This problem happens only with members who already had one product invoiced this accounting year and now I am adding new product for them. For completely new people, it is working ok.


Please see video


Thank you!

Konrad Plechowski


p.s. if it is easier for you, please reply in Dutch!

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